Day 266 Esther 1 – 5

Day 266
Esther 1-5

The story of Esther is about God–hidden in plain sight. It is an unusual book because, while God is never mentioned in it, He is everywhere present. The story was set in the city of Susa, the capital of the Persian Empire, during the reign of Ahaseurus (also known as Xerxes and


Day 265 Zechariah 8 – 14

Day 265
Zechariah 8-14

As it happened, Zechariah preached in such a way that he sought to both shape the identity and spark excitement in the former Judean exiles with a sermon about Jerusalem as the Faithful City (8:1-23). The day of God’s reproach was over.


Day 264 Zechariah 1 – 7

Day 264
Zechariah 1-7

Haggai and Zechariah were prophets to the post-exilic community of Judah beginning around 520 B.C. They ministered at the same time with a complementary message. It’s also evident that they had very different


Day 263 Haggai 1 – 2

Day 263
Haggai 1-2

As it happened, after the decree of Cyrus, around fifty thousand Jews returned from exile in 539 B.C. They immediately built an altar and began laying the foundations for a new Temple. The work came to a stop because of external


Day 262 Ezra 4 – 6, Psalm 137

Day 262
Ezra 4-6; Psalm 137

As it happened, no sooner did the Jewish exiles begin repairing the foundation of the Temple that the work came to a grinding halt. The reason for the work


Day 261 Ezra 1 – 3

Day 261
Ezra 1-3

It was time to go home. For the first time in over half a century the first wave of Jewish exiles held captive in Babylon were released to return to Judah. The story of their repatriation was told in the book of Ezra. During their years in exile, the Babylonian empire began crumbling from


Day 257 Daniel 1 – 3

Day 257
Daniel 1-3

Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel were contemporaries of one another. Though they may never have met personally, all three were familiar with the ministries of one another. As teenagers,


Day 256 Joel 1 – 3

Day 256
Joel 1-3

The book of Joel is a prophecy without a clear timeline. Unlike the visions of Ezekiel, it is neither stamped with any fixed date, nor does it mention any kings of Israel or Judah. The references to Judah, Jerusalem, and Mount Zion suggest that Joel was a


Day 255 Ezekiel 46 – 48

Day 255
Ezekiel 46-48

In Ezekiel’s extended vision of the new Temple, God is the most important Person. The prince or king, in both his acts of worship and use of land, was a mere subject to the great King. As it happened, six days out of seven the eastern gate was to be shut but it was to be


Day 254 Ezekiel 44 – 45

Day 254
Ezekiel 44-45

Ezekiel was led from the outer gate of the eastern wall back into the inner court. Subsequently, the eastern gate was then shut and would remain permanently closed (44:1). Since God’s glory entered through it, the eastern gate was no longer to be