1 Peter 4

Today’s reading is 1 Peter 4.

The clock has run out for living any way we want because the end of all
things is near and so it’s time to live seriously, love deeply, and serve
faithfully to the glory of God, remaining unfazed but blessed when trials
strike knowing God is always faithful.

1 Peter 3

In 1 Peter 3 Peter talks about marriage and suffering but not at the same
time! I love Peter’s phrase that husbands and wives are heirs of the grace
of life. It centers marriage in the gospel, so that some of Peter’s
“provocative” statements are listened to with gospel-oriented ears.

In marriage, wives are to display the lasting beauty of gentle dignity and
deferential respect to their husbands and husbands are to show
understanding and honor to their wives; while our speech toward others
should bless, our hope in Christ be defended, and our baptism symbolically
display the gospel of the grace of Jesus.

1 Peter 2

1 Peter 2 is a manual for Christians living on the margins of an ungodly

The church is a spiritual house, an outpost of hope in a dreary world,
called out of darkness into light in order to proclaim the excellencies of
our God by displaying a life of good deeds, living in subjection to human
authority yet, giving ultimate allegiance to God, and enduring unjust
suffering with a Christlike attitude as we await God’s final and just


Come join us for worship this Sunday.

Pastor Jeff will continue in our *The Unstoppable Church* series with his
message “Overcoming Fear.”

His text will be Acts 4:1-31.

Service times are 9 and 11 am.

1 Peter 1

We begin reading 1 Peter today. Chapter 1 is filled with great truths.

Christians are elect exiles who inconspicuously possess untold riches
through the grace of Christ, as foretold by the prophets, and during the
time of their sojourn are to live with unfettered loyalty to Jesus and
sincere love for one another.

James 5

James 5 adds a few more proverbial exhortations and closes with two very
practical lessons.

Believers are to remain stable and steadfast as we wait for the Lord’s
return, even if we are defrauded by the selfishness of others by enduring
adversity patiently, maintaining the integrity of our words, praying in
faith with others, and pursuing those who have wandered from the truth.

James 4

James 4 is the NT version of the OT book of Proverbs.

God abhors selfish ambition for its worldiness but delights in humility of
spirit that submits to His will, resists the devil, repents over sin,
rejects slander, and enters everyday resting in His providential care and

James 3

James 3 takes up two more important topics. Are you getting the idea for
how James organizes his letter?

Human speech is untamable and when the tongue is out of control it spreads
destruction like a wildfire while true wisdom is a gift from God that
spreads peace like a bountiful harvest.

James 2

James 2 speaks to two main points about favoritism and faith.

True faith resists showing favoritism to anyone for any reason for this
seemingly minor transgression is a major offense to God and the genuineness
of one’s faith is evident by the works that flow from it.


Come join us for worship this Sunday.

Pastor Paul’s sermon will be “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

His text will be Acts 3:1-26

Service times are 9 and 11 am.