Day 308 Matthew 22, Mark 12

Day 308
Matthew 22, Mark 12

During His final week, Jesus had become quite adept at slipping through the crowds and more importantly, beyond the grasp of the religious authorities. He would retreat to His safe house in Bethany to spend the night and then return to the Temple the next morning to teach during the


Day 307 Mark 11, John 12

Day 307
Mark 11, John 12

The goal had been to reach Jerusalem for Passover. Months earlier Jesus began His seventy-five- mile trek from Galilee to Jerusalem, stopping in many villages along the way in order to teach thousands and heal many. On Friday, the eighth


Day 306 Luke 18:15 – 19:48

Day 306
Luke 18:15-19:48

As Jesus neared the end of His long march to Jerusalem, He was met by a self-confident ruler who hoped to impress Him with his religious zeal and devotion. In contrast to the “sinners” with whom Jesus had many memorable encounters


Day 304 Matthew 19, Mark 10

Day 304
Matthew 19, Mark 10

With the Galilean phase of His ministry over, Jesus stepped inside the border of Judea. He was drawing closer to Jerusalem, the Temple, His betrayal, arrest and Golgotha. As it happened, the religious leaders were becoming increasingly


Day 303 Luke 17:11-18:14

Day 303
Luke 17:11-18:14

Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem along the border of Galilee and Samaria. As it happened, He entered a village and was immediately met by ten lepers (17:11-19). Unable to draw near to Jesus because they were unclean, the lepers stood


Day 301 Luke 16-17:30

Day 301
Luke 16-17:30

Jesus talked a lot about money. Sixteen of His parables were about money and possessions. Some of them even raised an eyebrow. For instance, Jesus once told an unusual story about a shady manager in order to commend the value of wise planning and generosity. The manager


Day 300 Luke 14-15

Day 300
Luke 14-15

Jesus came into our world to turn things right side up, but first He had to turn things upside down. He accomplished this, in part, by associating with the wrong kind of people, healing the sick, touching the unclean, and extending grace to the undeserving. As it happened, one Sabbath He was invited to the home of a leading


Day 299 Luke 12-13

Day 299
Luke 12-13

As it happened, two dissimilar realities were occurring simultaneously at this point in Jesus’ ministry. First of all, the religious establishment was hardened in its opposition against Him. Its leaders were convinced that He needed to be stopped at all costs. Secondly, Jesus was drawing massive crowds, so large people were in danger of being


Day 298 Luke 10 (11), John 10:22-42

Day 298
Luke 10, John 10:22-42

*Our reading guide also listed Luke 11 for today, as it did for October 13 (see Day 286).

After leaving Jerusalem, Jesus spent the next few months ministering in the Judean countryside. He never stayed in one place for too long in order to reach as many people as He could


Day 297 John 9:1- 10:21

Day 297
John 9:1-10:21

The setting for the healing of the blind man occurred while Jesus was still in Jerusalem after the Feast of Booths had ended. At the conclusion of the Feast, Jesus declared Himself to be the Light of the World. As it happened, He left the Temple and saw a man who had been blind all his days.