Revelation 5

Revelation 5 is the second half of John’s vision of heaven. The epicenter
of heaven, of course, is the throne of God. What happens before God’s
throne in this chapter is the most stirring scene in the entire Bible.

A universal search conducted to find the one person qualified to take the
scroll from the right hand of God proves futile, until it is declared that
Jesus, the Lamb of God, alone is able by virtue of His redeeming death, to
open the scroll, and upon opening it, universal praise erupts to the
enthroned Father and His Son.

Revelation 4

Today our reading in Revelation 4 is the first half of John’s amazing
vision of the recurring activity in heaven.

God is enthroned in heaven in the midst of brilliant light, surrounded in
concentric circles, first by four extraordinary creatures who are the
guardians of His glory and worship Him for His holiness, and next by
twenty-four elders who offer a constant doxology of praise because He is
the Creator of all things.

God is on His throne today!

Revelation 3

Revelation 3 records the final three letters to the 7 churches; these 7
churches are representative of the kinds of churches that exist at any
given time in history, but are especially indicative of the types of
churches on earth at the return of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit speaks words of life or words of warning to each of His
churches, for the Lord of His church knows the works of each congregation,
whether effective or incomplete, and calls each one to persevere in their
faihful deeds or to repent and turn around in order to receive the blessing
and promise of God.

Revelation 2

In Revelation 2 we read the first four of seven timeless letters Jesus sent
to real churches in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). The description of
Jesus at the beginning of every letter is drawn from the vision of Jesus in
chapter 1. Jesus is the ultimate church consultant and His assessment of
every church is the only one that matters.

Jesus knows the true nature of every church and commends each one for its
specific strength–where it exists, and warns each one of its glaring
weakness–where repentance is required, for obedience to His counsel is not
optional but essential in order for each church to be pleasing in His sight
and fruitful in His kingdom.

Revelation 1

Today we begin to read the book of Revelation. Before us are twenty-two
chapters filled with glorious visions of Jesus, penetrating letters to real
churches, jaw-dropping judgments, the spectacular return of Christ, and the
appearance of the New Jerusalem where there will be no more suffering or
pain for the old order of things will have passed away. Maranatha! Blessed
is the one who reads this book aloud and hears it.

Jesus is unveiled as the omnipotent, omniscient king of glory, who by
killing death has redeemed and transformed us into a kingdom of priests,
and He is coming on the clouds of heaven, even as He dwells among His
churches with an intimate, searching gaze, provoking us to be faithful to
the end while affirming that we have nothing to fear since our eternal
destiny is secure in Him.


Come join us for worship this Sunday.

Pastor Paul will continue in our *The Unstoppable Church* series with his
message “Heroic Faith.”

His text will be Acts 6:8-8:3.

Service times are 9 and 11 am.

Jude 1

Our reading today is the letter of Jude.

We are to contend for the faith, for many are deceived by their own dreams
and delusions; we are to build ourselves up in the faith through prayer and
abiding in God’s love; and we are to wait for Jesus’ appearance by rescuing
others from the coming judgement knowing that we will one day be presented
before Him with lasting joy as blameless and without fault because of
Christ alone.

3 John 1

Today we read the brief postcard of 3 John. In this letter John commends
Gaius and Demetrius but condemns Diotrophes, a bully on the loose in the

We are to walk in truth, doing what is good, and supporting gospel
partnerships while being wise and vigilant not to allow church bullies, who
crave attention, to hinder the work of God.

On Tuesday, December 1 we begin reading Revelation together. Invite your
friends to join us.

2 John 1

2 John is a fascinating, brief letter that is so typical of John with his
emphasis on truth and love.

Love is not a subjective feeling but an objective obedience to the commands
of God resulting in a sincere affection for one another, in contrast to
those who deny the truth that the second Person of the Triune God became
flesh and are devoid of love becaue of their intent to deceive.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May today be filled with gratitude for all
that God is and has done. Our move was crazy, exhausting and satisfying.
Thanks to Ken Carlstedt for posting on my place.

1 John 5

1 John 5 (apologies, I am behind!) I wanted to add a comment, but I can’t
locate the one-sentence summary on my little phone screen here.
Comment is simply how much this one part of verse 3 has meant to me over
the course of my life. “And his commandments are not burdensome.”
Sometimes we do indeed get confused… “God would ask THAT of us humans??
That makes zero sense, it’s just really burdensome!”
Later, if we love him and keep his commandments (v. 2 & 3), we find that it
was for good, it made sense.
And that builds our faith for the next time we doubt one of his
commandments is for our good, not just burdensome. At least that’s the way
it has played out in my relationship with Him, over the long term.
How I wish this concept could be explained and publicized all over the
world to everybody. Meanwhile, instead, the Bible (God’s words, His
good-for-us commandments) is maligned, mocked, accused of being abusive,
marginalized or even made illegal more and more. Yet I have been just as
guilty of that same God’s-commands-are-bad-not-good doubt. And I have been
forgiven and sanctified through His grace and patient, gentle leading. So
shame on me if I look on others haughtily and condescendingly, rather than
gracefully and understandingly.
Regardless of all…. Lord, please come quickly.

Post by Ken Carlstedt