Revelation 20

Revelation 20 is a fascinating chapter about the millennium, Satan’s final
rebellion, and the great white throne judgment. In the end, the big story
is that God wins!

The dragon is locked in a bottomless pit for one thousand years and
afterwards is released for one last revolt before finally being thrown into
the Lake of Fire forever, and then God’s books will be opened and everyone,
the living and the dead, will be judged and those whose names are not found
in the Book of life will meet a similar fate to the dragon, the beast, and
the false prophet.


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Pastor Wally will share a message this week entitled: *Jump For Joy*.

His passage will be 1 Peter 1:1-6.

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Revelation 19

On this Christmas Day as we celebrate the first advent of Christ we read
about His triumphant return in Revelation 19.

As the multitude in heaven erupts in praise, John sees Jesus riding out on
a white horse with many crowns on His head, flaming eyes, a blood-dipped
robe, and a sword coming out of His mouth accompanied by a heavenly army
riding white horses and wearing white clothes following Jesus in triumph as
an angel tells everyone to gather for the great supper of God where the
beast and the false prophet and their armies are defeated quickly and
tossed into the lake of fire permanently.

Handel loved Revelation 19:

Hallelujah: for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth! (19:6)

King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! (Revelation 19:6)

Revelation 18

Revelation 18 describes the judgment against Babylon the great and the
reason for her destruction.

A mighty angel announces the climactic and sudden end to the great city of
Babylon, the proud and haughty Queen, that once filled the earth with her
goods and services, trade and commerce, entertainment and culture but she
is destroyed for her perverted ways, for influencing the world to follow
the beast, and for having the blood of the saints and prophets on her hands.

Revelation 17

In Revelation 17 John is amazed while looking at the great prostitute. One
of the angels asks him why he is so captivated. The angel then explains the
mystery to John so that everything is clear, right?

Here’s my summary:

John is taken to the wilderness where he sees the great prostitute riding
in alliance upon the scarlet-red beast, attired in robes, arrayed with
jewels, drunk with the blood of the saints, and seducing everyone to give
allegiance to the beast by her beauty and charm, but all the while she is
being used by the beast who, in the end, consumes her.

A few additional comments:

Revelation 17 is a profoundly difficult chapter. The great prostitute is a
great city with vast earthly influence and dominion. What great city
qualifies? Generally, three possibilities have been suggested, Babylon,
Rome or Jerusalem. What is interesting is how the beast uses the political
influence of the woman/city to advance his agenda and then destroys the
city when it is no longer useful to him.

Revelation 16

Revelation 16 unveils the seven bowl judgments:

1. The first bowl is poured out on those who bear the mark of the Beast so
that they now bear painful sores.
2. The sea is turned into blood.
3. The rivers are turned into blood. They loved the blood of the saints so
much they are given blood to drink.
4. The sun scorches those on the earth.
5. The great city is plunged into darkness.
6. The bloody Euphrates River dries up.
7. An earthquake splits the great city into thirds and destroys every
nation on earth and large hailstones crush people.

In His perfect justice God instructs the seven angels to pour out His wrath
like bowls of mass destruction on the earth and the effect, though
deserving, is awe-full and terrifying, but even still, those dwelling on
the earth refuse to turn, they persist in cursing God, and stubbornly hold
on to their non-believing ways.

He is just and holy.


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Pastor Garth will continue our *Christmas* series with the message “What
Happens After Christmas?”

His passage will be Matthew 2:1-23.

Service times are 9 and 11 am.

Revelation 15

Revelation 15 is a summary of what is to come with the saints’ victory over
the beast and the completion of the wrath of God.

A third and final sign appears in heaven depicting the final victory of the
saints over the beast, singing a new song while standing on a sea of glass
as seven angels emerge from the sanctuary carrying seven bowls of plagues
containing the final presentation of the wrath of God, whose judgment is so
certain that all intercession has ceased for no further appeal can be made.

Revelation 14

Revelation 14 has three movements: the new song of the 144,000 on Mt. Zion,
the proclamations of three angels, and the reaping of the earth.

There is a special song of the Lamb that only the redeemed can sing and
even when they die they are blessed in the Lord but judgment is coming on
those who do not believe, for the City of Man will fall, and those who gave
their allegiance to the beast will be harvested from the earth unless they
fear God and worship Him.

Revelation 13

Revelation 13 leaves the reader stunned by John’s sanctified imagination
and wondering who or what the two beasts represent and what their horrific
powers mean for the world and the people of God. Please promise not to pull
out your decoder today and try to identity the beast!

Two hideous beasts appear, one from the sea and the other from the earth
(the latter serving the former), empowered by the dragon and filled with
blasphemous words that captivate the world while wreaking havoc on the
saints by controlling economic activity and imposing absolute allegiance to
the sea beast but the people of God are better off dead than worshiping the