Day 318 Matthew 28, Mark 16

Day 318
*Matthew 28, Mark 16
(*The reflection that follows is a chronological flow of the readings scheduled for today and tomorrow).

As it happened, the Passover Sabbath began at sundown on Friday. The disciples and friends of Jesus gathered in frightened little groups scattered around the city. Over and over they repeated the horrible events of the past couple of days that had come to such an ignominious end. They were unable to quell the waves of shock and grief


Day 317 Luke 23, John 18-19

Day 317
Luke 23, John 18-19

As it happened, neither Pontius Pilate nor Herod found Jesus guilty of anything deserving death. Hoping it would be enough to satisfy the bloodthirsty crowd, Pilate ordered a team of Roman soldiers to tie Him to a flogging pole. They scourged Jesus’


Day 316 Matthew 27, Mark 15

Day 316
Matthew 27, Mark 15

As it happened, Jesus’ first trial occurred in the early morning hours on Friday, contrary to standard legal procedure. It began with His appearance before Annas who interrogated Jesus regarding His teaching. He was then led through the great doors of


Day 315 Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22

Day 315
Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22

As Jesus and the eleven disciples stepped out into the night, the Passover moon was large and luminous. Just before leaving the upper room, Jesus reminded them that while He was with them all of their needs were met. No moneybag or knapsack filled with food


Day 314 John 14-17

Day 314
John 14-17

One-third of the Gospel of John was devoted to the final twenty-four hours of Jesus’ life. Five chapters out of twenty traverse the remarkable events that took place in the upper room on Thursday night, including His marvelous discourse (14-16) and majestic prayer.


Day 313 John 13

Day 313
*John 13 
*The next three days will differ from the reading guide we have been using.

Jesus did not appear openly during the last Wednesday of His earthly life. There was no act of public ministry or open-air discourses. Meanwhile, Jesus’ opponents were a hubbub of commotion. The Sanhedrin gathered for an unofficial meeting in the large palace of Caiaphas,


Day 312 Matthew 25

Day 312
Matthew 25

As it happened, Jesus’ extraordinary discourse about His return was followed by three stories all focused on the importance of being spiritually ready for His second coming. In the first story, Jesus emphasized the importance of being ready before the day of His return. In a wedding


Day 311 Matthew 24

Day 311
Matthew 24

As Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives with His disciples, He responded to their questions in ways that He could neither answer quickly nor disclose entirely. For instance, while He told them that the Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed, He did not tell them that it would happen


Day 310 Mark 13

Day 310
Mark 13

As it happened, a few hours after Jesus preached His last public sermon – a scathing attack on Israel’s religious leaders – He and His disciples left the Temple through the Eastern Gate heading out toward the Mount of Olives. The disciples looked back at the Temple’s imposing stone walls


Day 309 Matthew 23, Luke 20-21

Day 309
Matthew 23, Luke 20-21

The final public sermon Jesus ever preached, and arguably His most intense, was an extended lament over the deadness of Israel’s religious leadership. Jesus diagnosed the problem with the scribes and Pharisees as one of acute religious hypocrisy. The word hypocrite was a verbal nod to