Day 330 Acts 17-18:18

Day 330 
Acts 17-18:18

Paul, Silas, and Timothy left Philippi and traveled west from Philippi along the Via Egnatia. Their overall mission was to reach Gentiles for Christ, but whenever Paul and his team entered a new city they would first visit a local synagogue. As a


Dar 327 Acts 15-16

Day 327
Acts 15-16

An idyllic view of the church in Acts may be understandable given the miracles, the stirring conversions, and its expansion among the Gentiles, but there were also major disputes that had the potential of derailing the entire movement. As it


Day 326 James 1-5

Day 326
James 1-5

The book of James (Jacob in Hebrew) is a powerful letter filled with wise and practical counsel written for Jewish believers residing beyond the borders of Israel. There were two disciples among the Twelve named James, but this lette


Day 325 Acts 13-14

Day 325
Acts 13-14

The book of Acts records more than the Acts of the Apostles but essentially the Acts of the Holy Spirit. Every new development was initiated by and empowered through the Spirit of God. On the day of Pentecost, He was poured out on the disciples. The Holy Spirit catapulted His people


Day 324 Acts 11-12

Day 324
Acts 11-12

When Peter left Joppa and returned to Jerusalem, he had some explaining to do. As it happened, the church in Jerusalem was still confirming the expansion of the church into other regions. Members of the circumcision party (i.e. Jewish Christians) were critical that he had


Day 323 Acts 9-10

Day 323
Acts 9-10

While dramatic conversions were taking place beyond the nucleus of the believing community in Jerusalem, the martyrdom of Stephen also intensified the forces of opposition against the church. The ringleader of this resistance was the same young Pharisee who gave official approval to the stoning of


Day 322 Acts 7-8

Day 322
Acts 7-8

Stephen and Philip were remarkable men with dynamic personalities. Among two of the seven men selected to oversee the distribution of food, both were esteemed for their spiritual maturity and their ministries quickly bore an apostolic quality.


Day 321 Acts 4-6

Day 321
Acts 4-6

As it happened, Luke grouped together three stories that represented three different threats to the expanding movement of Jesus’ followers. The first threat occurred when the Jewish authorities tried to marginalize the church’s witness. The religious establishment had to act


Day 320 Acts 1-3

Day 320
Acts 1-3

The Book of Acts is the historical and lyrical account of how the good news of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension was first proclaimed in Jerusalem and Samaria, then throughout the Mediterranean world, eventually reaching the imperial city of Rome in just three decades. It


Day 319 Luke 24, John 20-21

Day 319
Luke 24, John 20-21

The other ten disciples tried to explain to Thomas how they had seen the Lord, touched Him, and watched Him eat, but he refused to believe them. He needed to see Jesus with his own eyes and touch Him with his own hands. As it happened, there were no recorded appearances