Day 64 – Numbers 23-25

Day 64
Numbers 23-25

Hiring a pagan prophet was expensive. Balak had already funded Balaam’s divination fee. Now there was the added cost, at the direction of Balaam, for the king of Moab to build seven altars on Bamoth-baal in order to sacrifice a bull and ram on each one (23:1-2). False religions are tough on the bank account. God then gave Balaam a message


Day 63 – Numbers 21-22

Day 63
Numbers 21-22

The forty years of Israel’s wilderness wanderings were coming to an end. Aaron and Miriam have died. As it happened, the second-generation of Israelites were now bound for the land God had promised. As they inched closer, they posed an existential threat to the surrounding nations and became engaged in regular military


Day 62 – Numbers 18-20

Day 62
Numbers 18-20

The Israelites grumbled, complained, murmured, and rebelled against the Lord. Then God judged them severely for their sin announcing that no adult of the generation of the exodus would enter the Promised Land. He also vindicated the authority of Moses and the ministry of Aaron. Therefore, God moves on to remind His people of the


Day 61 – Numbers 16-17

Day 61
Numbers 16-17

The murmuring of the Israelites revealed their persistent resistance to the will of God. Their grumbling became open revolt which threatened to tear the community apart. The uprising against Moses and Aaron occurred on two fronts. There was the plot of the Levites led by Korah. There was also the revolt of the Reubenites led by Dathan,


Day 60 – Numbers 14-15; Psalm 90

Day 60
Numbers 14-15; Psalm 90

Grumblers don’t grumble in isolation. Grumblers need an audience. Then grumbling begets grumbling. It spreads like an infection. When the rest of the congregation heard the demoralizing report of the ten spies, they wept all night long. They repeated their old familiar refrain in the minor key: “Would that we had died in the land of Egypt”


Day 59 – Numbers 11-13

Day 59
Numbers 11-13

As we have seen, the Israelites were chronic grumblers (cf. Day 35, Exodus 16-18). No sooner had they hit the highway than they began complaining about their hardships (11:1). Family members scattered throughout the whole camp could be heard sobbing about missing all the mouth-watering, Egyptian delicacies they’d left behind (4-5).


Day 58 – Numbers 8-10

Day 58
Numbers 8-10

God’s instructions for the furnishing and functioning of the Tabernacle were comprehensive and detailed. Every piece had to be arranged exactly as God intended. We have already seen how the Golden Lampstand was to be placed in the Sanctuary in order to illuminate an otherwise dark space surrounded by heavy curtains. As it


Day 57 – Numbers 7

Day 57
Numbers 7

Flashback. New information is disclosed about the day Moses finished assembling the Tabernacle (cf. Exodus 40). The Tabernacle was the most important dwelling on earth and God was about to move into it. All of its furnishings had been anointed with oil, along with the Altar and its utensils (7:1). When the Altar was dedicated, the ceremony


Day 56 – Numbers 5-6

Day 56
Numbers 5-6

The twelve tribes of Israel have been arranged around the Tabernacle according to God’s design. The physical formation of the Israelite camp mattered to God. Since God dwelt among His people, the holiness and purity of the entire camp also mattered to Him. So, just when we thought we were done with the rubric of Levitical law, it makes


Day 55 – Numbers 3-4

Day 55
Numbers 3-4

Wanted: All male members of the tribe of Levi, one month old and upwards. Between the ages of thirty to fifty, must be willing to work long hours and walk long distances in dry and dusty conditions. Assembling and packing skills a must. Able to carefully load bulky items for transport. Tremendous care required while manually moving