Day 84 – Joshua 9-11

Day 84

Joshua 9-11
God has promised us an abundant life in Christ. Experiencing the abundant life is inseparable from hardship and challenge. It doesn’t just happen without testing and conflict. In the same way, God promised the Israelites the land of Canaan as their inheritance, but not without a fight. While their miraculous crossing of the Jordan River and


Day 83 – Joshua 5-8

Day 83
Joshua 5-8

A wise maxim for Christian ministry states, “Launch out as you mean to continue.” From the start, do those things that will characterize the way forward. When the Canaanites who lived in the land heard how the waters of the Jordan parted, allowing the Israelies to walk across a dry river bed, they immediately feared the worst and went on


Day 82 – Joshua 1-4

Day 82
Joshua 1-4

Joshua. This is the first book in the Bible named after a person and, according to rabbinical tradition, written by the same man. Joshua was a man of unique standing and privilege. He had been mentored by Moses and chosen by God to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. Joshua had been a faithful presence and trusted aide in Moses’


Day 81 – Deuteronomy 32-34; Psalm 91

Day 81
Deuteronomy 32-34; Psalm 91

Andrew Fletcher famously quipped, “Tell me the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” The songs we sing shape our lives. They affect what we think and feel. As Moses prepared to die, God gave him a song, a national anthem of sorts, which in turn he taught it to the people of Israel. It was intended to direct them to know their God


Day 80 – Deuteronomy 30-31

Day 80
Deuteronomy 30-31

For the Christian, repentance is a lifestyle. There is the gift of faith and repentance given to us by God at the moment of conversion. There is also the daily discipline of faith and repentance that is our continual path to joy in Christ. Repentance is a lifestyle and not an occasional ritual. Even before entering the land, Moses intimated that


Day 79 – Deuteronomy 28-20

Day 79
Deuteronomy 28-29

Proverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. The strength of the Israelite nation depended on its obedience to God’s Word. Their solidarity as a community rested on their spiritual, moral, and ethical commitment. We have seen that once they settled in the land six tribes were to stand on the slopes of


Day 78 – Deuteronomy 24-27

Day 78
Deuteronomy 24-27

The miscellaneous laws in Chapter 24 are ample and charitable. Chris Wright states, “The majority of laws in this chapter have to do with restraining exploitation and greed for the sake of protecting the needy.” The first law protected the wife from an easy divorce (24:1-4). It begins with a law about a former husband marrying a former


Day 77 – Deuteronomy 21-23

Day 77
Deuteronomy 21-23

Life is sacred. When a life is taken, a profound evil has occurred. In ancient Israel, this respect for life led to the fascinating procedure in making atonement for an unsolved murder (21:1). Murder polluted the land (remember Cain’s murder of Abel and his blood crying out) and the wider community bore the responsibility for removing the


Day 76 – Deuteronomy 17-20

Day 76
Deuteronomy 17-20

In Chapter 16 Moses warned the Israelites not to set up pagan pillars (the Asherim) because the Lord hates them. The ensuing history will show how miserably they failed. In Chapter 17, Moses spelled out the consequences of idolatry (2-7). If an Israelite discovered a fellow countryman worshiping pagan deities or heavenly bodies, after a


Day 75 – Deuteronomy 14-16

Day 75
Deuteronomy 14-16

Utopia. In 1516, Sir Thomas More described the fictional travels of Raphael Hythloday to an island that he imagined to be the best society on earth with six-hour work days, a place where war did not exist, and poverty was eradicated. Since the Garden of Eden, humanity has been on an endless search for Utopia, a place of perfection.