Day 104 – I Samuel 21-24

Day 104
1 Samuel 21-24

King Saul was losing his grip on reality. Everything was crumbling around him and within him. Meanwhile, David, the king-anointed, bolted in order to avoid Saul’s tyrannical behavior. The next few years of David’s life would be spent as a wilderness-fugitive, scrambling to survive. David, and the men who were with him, fled first to Nob


Day 103 – 1 Samuel 18-20; Psalms 11 and 59

Day 103
1 Samuel 18-20; Psalms 11 and 59

Americans aren’t very good at friendship. There are rare exceptions, of course, but mostly we have many acquaintances and few close friendships. God intends for us to have friends and that our friendships be an important part of our spiritual development and maturity. Friends should help each other follow God in every area


Day 102 – I Samuel 15-17

Day 102

1 Samuel 15-17
These three famous chapters narrate the fall of the house of Saul and the rise of Israel’s greatest king, David. God had already announced to Saul that his kingdom would not continue. That rejection was now made final. Furthermore, God’s rejection of Saul as king was further illustrated by the absolute separation between Samuel and


Day 101 – I Samuel 13-14

Day 101
1 Samuel 13-14

King Saul had flashes of brilliance. Those moments were mostly on the field of battle but they faded as quickly as they appeared. For instance, near the end of this reading the text stated, “And he did valiantly … and delivered Israel” (14:48). However, today’s reading is controlled and directed, overall, by the words of Samuel spoken to an


Day 100 – I Samuel 9-12

Day 100
1 Samuel 9-12

The idea of a king seemed to be endorsed by everyone except God and Samuel. God understood their demand for a king to be a rejection of His own leadership. Samuel repeatedly said that Israel’s desire for a king was wicked. He warned that a king meant a bloated government, excessive taxation, a military draft, and war. God did not oppose


Day 99 – I Samuel 4-8

Day 99
1 Samuel 4-8

Samuel was prophesying but no one was listening. While Chapter 4 opened stating, “And the word of Samuel came to all Israel” (4:1), nothing the prophet had said was recorded for the next three chapters. The Israelites were too busy losing to the Philistines to pay any attention. On the first day of conflict they suffered the loss of four


Day 98 – I Samuel 1-3

Day 98
1 Samuel 1-3

1 Samuel. The Israelites were facing a crisis of leadership. God had chosen Moses out of obscurity to lead the Israelites through the Exodus to the edge of the Promised Land. Joshua, Moses’ successor, was not his son but his aide-de-camp and leading general. Joshua led the Israelites through the Jordan and into the land. During the time


Day 97 – Ruth 1-4

Day 97
Ruth 1-4

Ruth. Goethe called the book of Ruth the most beautiful poem in the human language. It’s the story of the marriage between Ruth, a Moabite widow, and Boaz, a wealthy Jew, and the birth of their first son. The book is widely regarded as a literary masterpiece. It is set within the stormy period of the Judges, serving as a ray of


Day 96 – Judges 19-21

Day 96
Judges 19-21

Judges, the dark ages of the Old Testament, catalogued the declension of God’s people. It was a time marked by spiritual rebellion, economic depression, political instability, demagoguery, institutional collapse, marital breakdown, random acts of violence, civil war, moral confusion, and apostate religion. Sound familiar? Chaos


Day 95 – Judges 16-18

Day 95
Judges 16-18

When the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon Samson, he could tear a lion apart with his bare hands, single-handedly route an entire army, yet he was enslaved by his own sexual desires. As it happened, Samson traveled one day to Gaza, the Philistine capital. He saw and then slept with a prostitute. His weakness for women in general, and