Day 164 – 1 Kings 8; 2 Chronicles 5

Day 164
1 Kings 8; 2 Chronicles 5

Of all the furnishings Solomon moved into the Temple, the most important piece would be the Ark of the Covenant. Inside this sacred box were the two tablets of stone Moses received from the Lord while on Mount Horeb or Sinai (2 Chronicles 5:10). Years earlier, King David sought to


Day 163 – 1 Kings 7; 2 Chronicles 4

Day 163
1 Kings 7; 2 Chronicles 4

There are two homes described in today’s reading. There is the house Solomon built for himself (1-12) and the House he built for God. Solomon’s palace was built adjacent to the Temple, on the south side of the Temple Mount. The details regarding Solomon’s own home were sandwiched between the story of the construction of the Temple, how


Day 162 – 1 Kings 5-6; 2 Chronicles 2-3

Day 162
1 Kings 5-6; 2 Chronicles 2-3

King Solomon was not only a wise man, he was also a wise builder. David had made extensive preparations for the building of the Temple, but the scope of Solomon’s task was still staggering. As it happened, Israel lacked the timber, stone, and workmen needed to undertake a project so large so that Solomon turned to an old friend of his


Day 161 – Proverbs 22-24

Day 161
Proverbs 22-24

The topic of riches may be regarded as the major theme of Chapter 22. Our attitude towards riches say a great deal about our perspective toward wisdom (1, 2, 4, 7, 16). To begin with, a name (“good” doesn’t appear in Hebrew) is more preferable than wealth (1). There is no place for snobbery because the rich and the poor are both made in the


Day 160 – Proverbs 19-21

Day 160
Proverbs 19-21

Chapter 19 opens with alternating themes similar to those that closed out Chapter 18, integrity of speech and the perplexity of wealth. There is a contrast between a person of integrity or someone who is blameless, a quality of great depth, from the person who is crooked and


Day 159 – Proverbs 16-18

Day 159
Proverbs 16-18

In Proverbs 16 there is a shift from contrasting sayings to those that are mostly synonymous (16:1-22:16). Eight of the first nine proverbs of Chapter 16 mention the Lord (Yahweh), only verse 8 fails to mention God. These Yahweh sayings revolve around God’s sovereign involvement in our daily


Day 158 – Proverbs 13-15

Day 158
Proverbs 13-15

The reference to a wise son introduces another series of proverbs by a diligent father. Wisdom is evident by the words we speak because faithful words are satisfying, while careless and impulsive words drop the seeds of destruction (13:2-3). The sluggard, who’s never far away in


Day 157 – Proverbs 10-12

Day 157
Proverbs 10-12

Chapter 10 begins a new section in Proverbs. The style also shifts from carefully crafted “wisdom poems” to short, catchy couplets. These “proverbial sayings” come to us in rapid-fire succession and cover a range of issues that confront us daily. They are not arranged topically, but somewhat


Day 156 – Proverbs 7-9

Day 156
Proverbs 7-9

The repeated warning against the seduction of the adulteress in Proverbs, should entirely dismantle the absurd notion that sexual freedom is devoid of consequence. Wisdom contends that sexual immorality is the pursuit of folly. It is a serious and grave danger (7:1-27). Like the unsuspecting lad who starts to run with street thugs in


Day 155 – Proverbs 4-6

Day 155
Proverbs 4-6

Marriage often leads to children and raising children involves imparting wisdom from one generation to the next. In fact, three generation are present in Chapter 4. As it happened, the father appeals to his son to heed his instruction in order to gain insight (4:1-2). He then recalls a time when he was much younger and how his own father taught