Day 184 – 2 Kings 5-8

Day 184
2 Kings 5-8

The miracles of Elisha and the miracles of Jesus shared a common thread. They not only met a profound need but they were also directed to a similar group of people. In both sets of miracles, God’s power and blessing was extended to those who least expected it. When Jesus fed


Day 183 – 2 Kings 1-4

Day 183
2 Kings 1-4

As it happened, after the death of Ahab, Ahaziah his son, sat on the throne of Israel. One day, he fell through the lattice of his upper chamber, severely injuring himself. As he lay incapacitated, he instructed his messengers to consult Baal-zebub, the lord of the flies and supreme ruler in


Day 182 – Obadiah 1; Psalm 82-83

Day 182
Obadiah 1; Psalm 82-83

The book of Obadiah is the first message among the Minor Prophets for us to read. While we are seeking to read the Bible chronologically, our reading guide sets Obadiah in the wrong place. Obadiah is actually the first of the post-exilic prophets. Its message focuses on a national


Day 181 – 2 Chronicles 19-23

Day 181
2 Chronicles 19-23

King Jehoshaphat of Judah was a good man because, more than anything, he feared the Lord and urged his people to do the same. Chronicles provides a longer description of his reign than 1 Kings because it was written from the perspective of the Jerusalem priests and Temple. It


Day 180 – 1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18

Day 180
1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18

As it happened, Ahab of Israel arranged a marriage alliance with Jehoshaphat of Judah (2 Chronicles 18:1). Jehoshaphat was a good king, who possessed great riches, but in this case he suffered a lapse in judgment. He agreed for his son Jehoram to marry Ahab’s daughter Athalia in


Day 179 – 1 Kings 20-21

Day 179
1 Kings 20-21

As it happened, Elijah and Elisha drop out of view for approximately six years. As far as today’s reading, Elijah returns at the end of Chapter 21. This narrative focuses on two events mainly associated with Ahab. Unexpectedly, there was still a faint light burning in Ahab’s conscience.


Day 178 – 1 Kings 17-19

Day 178
1 Kings 17-19

As it happened, Elijah the prophet appeared on the stage of biblical history, as if out of nowhere. We know next to nothing about his family background or his early years growing up on the eastern side of the Jordan River. Apparently, his father had no political connections or priestly


Day 177 – 1 Kings 15:25-16:34, 2 Chronicles 17

Day 177
1 Kings 15:15-16:34; 2 Chronicles 17

The reign of Nadab over the northern of kingdom was wicked, and therefore, mercifully brief (1 Kings 15:25-26). Baasha of Issachar launched a successful coup against Nadab, assassinating him and then killing all the remaining members (literally, “anyone who breathed”) of the house of


Day 176 – 1 Kings 15:1-24, 2 Chronicles 13-16

Day 176
1 Kings 15:1-24; 2 Chronicles 13-16

The account of King Abijah’s (or Abijam in Kings) three-year reign over Judah as recorded in 2 Chronicles is more than twice the length of its counterpart in 1 Kings beginning near the tail-end of Jeroboam’s reign over Israel, which lasted for twenty-two years. There was a continual state of


Day 175 – 2 Chronicles 10-12

Day 175
2 Chronicles 10-12

Roughly a thousand years stretched out between Rehoboam and Jesus. This period of time can best be described as the prophetic era. This time-period did not belong to the kings but to the prophets who ministered during each administration. The prophets can be divided into three