Day 244 Ezekiel 18 – 19

Day 244
Ezekiel 18-19

We are given interesting insight into the thoughts and feelings of the exiles in Babylon through three specific sayings (18:2, 19, 25). The first saying was a popular proverb used by the exiles that asserted they were suffering for the sins of their


Day 243 Ezekiel 16 – 17

Day 243
Ezekiel 16-17

Ezekiel’s language is enough to make an old sailor blush. It is very likely that you have never heard Chapter 16 read aloud in church. The prophet’s words were meant to shock and shame. Ezekiel penned such scandalous prose in order to


Day 242 Ezekiel 13 – 15

Day 242
Ezekiel 13-15

Ezekiel belonged to a long and varied prophetic tradition that stretched back to the period of the Judges. Training schools had been established in ancient Israel to prepare “the sons of the prophets” for prophetic office. As it happened, over


Day 241 Ezekiel 9 – 12

Day 241
Ezekiel 9-12

The remarkable visions of Ezekiel corresponded to real events as they actually unfolded. The siege against Jerusalem and the massacre of its citizens was committed by the Babylonians, not by six angels serving as God’s executioners


Day 240 Ezekiel 5 – 8

Day 240
Ezekiel 5-8

Approximately ninety times the Lord referred to Ezekiel as “son of man.” This special designation was God’s way of contrasting His sovereignty with the prophet’s role as a channel through whom God spoke. In light of his stunning


Day 239 Ezekiel 1 – 4

Day 239
Ezekiel 1-4

Ezekiel was born into a priestly family of Judah in 622 B.C., the year the Book of the Law was found during the reign of Josiah. During his formative years, he was likely familiar with the ministry of Jeremiah. In 597 B.C., when he was twenty-five


Day 238 Lamentations 3:37 – 5:22

Day 238
Lamentations 3:37-5:22

Jeremiah’s lament was written in the days immediately following the fall of Jerusalem. Structurally, the most important themes in Hebrew verse were often placed in the middle of the poem. As it happened, the climax of Lamentations is


Day 237 Lamentations 1:1 – 3:36

Day 237
Lamentations 1:1-3:36

As it happened, around 2,000 B.C., God called Abraham, promised him the gift of a special place, and declared that His descendants would be as numerous as the stars. God formed a people from


Day 236 – Jeremiah 51 – 52

Day 236
Jeremiah 51-52

The book of Jeremiah ends with the tale of two cities. First of all, there is the fall of Babylon the Great. Chapters 50-51 combine to form the longest prophecy (100 verses) in the book. In fact, Jeremiah’s


Day 235 – Jeremiah 49 – 50

Day 235
Jeremiah 49-50

Ancient Israel lived in a dangerous region whose international neighbors frequently threatened its survival. As Jeremiah looked northeast of Jerusalem he issued his fourth oracle against the