Day 253 Ezekiel 42 – 43

Day 253
Ezekiel 42-43

As Ezekiel’s visionary tour of the Temple continued, he exited the Temple proper onto the inner complex, where he viewed the priestly dining rooms running north and south of the building behind the Temple. The rooms were located on three


Day 252 Ezekiel 40 – 41

Day 252
Ezekiel 40-41

The final vision of Ezekiel was a tour de force. In April, 573 B.C., twenty-five years after the beginning of exile, twenty years since his first encounter with the glory of God, and fourteen years after the fall of Jerusalem, he received a set of fresh visions regarding God’s presence


Day 251 Ezekiel 38 – 39

Day 251
Ezekiel 38-39

The prophet Ezekiel was a man of many innovative and unusual visions. The final chapters of his book contain two mysterious and compelling visions that have occupied Bible students for centuries. In his first vision, Ezekiel depicts God’s


Day 250 Ezekiel 35 – 37

Day 250
Ezekiel 35-37

The Israelites were vitally linked to the land first promised by God to Abraham and later occupied by the Israelites under Joshua. When the Jewish exiles were displaced to Babylon, they feared their connection to the land was over. Their sense of loss was


Day 249 Ezekiel 32 – 34

Day 249
Ezekiel 32-34

The final chapter in Ezekiel’s eight-chapter-thumping of Israel’s foes was his lament over the downfall of Pharaoh Hophra of Egypt. On March 3, 585 B.C., Ezekiel prophesied that Pharaoh’s days were numbered. This was just one more instance of


Day 248 Ezekiel 28 – 31

Day 248
Ezekiel 28-31

Nations and the individuals who lead them are accountable to God. A leader represents a nation so that the judgment of the one is usually the same as the whole. As Ezekiel set the nation of Tyre within the scope of divine judgment and


Day 247 Ezekiel 24 – 27

Day 247
Ezekiel 24-27

On January 15, 588 B.C. Ezekiel encountered a grief as great, if not greater, than his exile to Babylon. On the evening of that awful day, Ezekiel’s wife, “the delight of his eyes” died. In the early years of his ministry, Ezekiel embodied his sermons


Day 246 Ezekiel 22 – 23

Day 246
Ezekiel 22-23

Ezekiel assumed the role as God’s chief attorney in order to prosecute the divine case against Israel. He indicted Israel for offenses both capital (i.e. against humanity) and spiritual (i.e. against God). Jerusalem, the beautiful city of God,


Proud People vs Broken People

This morning I quoted a series of contrasts between Proud People and Broken People by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. I long for my life and our church to be known as a society of broken people. ~ Pastor Paul


Day 245 Ezekiel 20 – 21

Day 245
Ezekiel 20-21

Ezekiel narrated the story of Israel by means of an allegory with an attitude (Chapter 16). The aim behind his shocking narration was to flatten any false assumptions by daring to confront the grand national epic of Israel. The story of