Our mission is reaching and teaching people to become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ,

connecting them to one another and sending them to serve

their families, communities and world.


What’s Happening at LCC


WOL Labor Day Camping Weekend
The last value of Christian camping is the  development of servant leadership. Whether building a fire, finding expressions of God’s amazing creativity and power as you hike a mountain, organizing an impromptu game, or reflecting servant leadership by the many opportunities for setting up, cleaning up or breaking down, each person serves others and is served by others. Join our church family Labor Day weekend camping for amazing Body fellowship, fun, and reflecting God’s image to one another. This is the last week to sign up at the table in the Commons.


VBX – Vacation Bible eXperience
VBX starts TOMORROW! Today is the final day for pre-registration. Save time tomorrow by registering today at the table in the Commons or online at http://bit.ly/LCKidsVBX2017

Summer Serve

We’re so thankful for our LC Kids volunteers who have served faithfully this school year. Many of them serve weekly to be a consistent presence in their small groups. Summer is a time for them to recharge, so we need others to step up and help us in LC Kids for July and August. There are many ways you can help that don’t involve teaching or prep time—just a heart to serve Jesus by spending time with kids. Visit the table in the Commons for more information and to sign up or go to 


In Concert
Sunday, July 16, 6:00 PM, LCC will host a concert with Grammy-nominated

Building 429. This band is “authentic and amazing – uplifting and unforgettable,” along with being “truly focused on bringing glory to God.” Building 429 will surely keep you on your feet and singing your hearts out to the Lord. Tickets can be purchased through the church website (just click the “tickets” button on the Building 429 image).


New Ministry
West Hills Children’s Ministry is being formed to be held at Compassion in Action on Clinton Ave on Saturday’s from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM starting sometime in September. We are in need of anyone over the age of 12 to assist with a short interactive presentation of Bible stories, arts and crafts, music, serving lunch or just being a buddy to one of the children. If you are available for even one Saturday a month we would be grateful for your service. Please stop by the table in the Commons today or contact Linda Luther 728-8760 or email her at summerbeachdays@hotmail.com
Library News

The Church Library will be closed for inventory until July 9. No materials may be checked out. Please return any materials that you have checked out ASAP.


(on Facebook)
One-year chronological walk through the Bible.
June 26 –1 Kings 15:25-16:34;
     2 Chron 17

June 27 – 1 Kings 17-19

June 28 – 1 Kings 20-21

June 29 – 1 Kings 22; 2 Chron 18

June 30 – 2 Chron 19-23

July 1 – Obadiah; Ps 82-83

July 2 – 2 Kings 1-4

July 3 – 2 Kings 5-8

July 4 – 2 Kings 9-11

July 5 – 2 Kings 12-13; 2 Chron 24

July 6 – 2 Kings 14; 2 Chron 25

July 7 – Jonah 1-4

July 8 – 2 Kings 15; 2 Chron 26

July 9 – Is 1-4

July 10 – Is 5-8

July 11 – Amos 1-5

July 12 – Amos 6-9

July 13 – 2 Chron 27; Is 9-12

July 14 – Micah 1-7

July 15 – 2 Chron 28; 2 Kings 16-17

July 16 – Is 13-17

July 17 – Is 18-22

July 18 – Is 23-27

July 19 – 2 Kings 18:1-8;
     2 Chron 29-31; Ps 48

July 20 – Hosea 1-7

July 21 – Hosea 8-14

July 22 – Is 28-30

July 23 – Is 31-34

July 24 – Is 35-36

July 25 – Is 37-39; Psalms 76

July 26 – Is 40-43

July 27 – Is 44-48

July 28 – 2 Kings 18:9-19:37;
     Ps 46; 80; 135

July 29 – Is 49-53

July 30 – Is 54-58

July 31 – Is 59-63


LC Kids
Director of Children – Danielle Hedgepeth

VBX – Vacation Bible eXperience

You’re invited to join us for Gadgets & Gizmos VBX! It will be June 26-30 from

6:00-8:00 PM. VBX is the grand finale to our small group year for kids. Monday-Thursday is a drop-off program for kids age 3 through finishing grade 6. Friday is FX- the Family eXperience! The whole family will participate together. We’ll have a short program followed by food and fun. To learn more, register your child, and sign up to volunteer, visit


or stop by the table in the Commons. This is a great opportunity to invite a family you’d like to introduce to our church. Invitations are available at the VBX table.




LC Teens
Director of Student Ministries – Ethan Appell ethana@lcchurch

LC Teens

  • Water Wars– July 7 will be our summer kickoff event! Rising 7th graders are invited to join us starting with this event! 
  • Small Group Activities– Check with Ethan or Becky about activities for just your small group or to suggest ideas and dates! 
Summer Activities
We will be having many activities over the summer. Check out our web site at:
or our Facebook page
You can also pick up a summer schedule at
guest services.