Loudonville Community Church
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Story

The Story of Loudonville Community Church


Loudonville Community Church began as a Sunday School in February 1952. Arnold and Leah Bryan were concerned about the lack of religious training for children in the Loudonville area, and offered the use of a building on the corner of Bacon Lane and Loudon Road. This outreach was sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Schenectady where the Bryans were members. The Sunday School began with just 23 adults and children, but growth was rapid. Rev. Thomas Teply was approved by the Presbytery of Albany to lead this mission endeavor. In August of 1952 the work expanded to include Sunday morning and evening services.

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   LCC Sanctuary from 2002-present


The church was incorporated in July of 1953.  The decision was made to become a "community church" rather than belong to any one particular denomination.  In stating their purpose the first trustees wrote: "The Loudonville Community Church aims at uniting Christians of all denominations living in this neighborhood in brotherly love to worship and praise."  The church is independent of any denomination affiliation. 


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                 Hughson Mansion

 In the summer of 1953, Mrs. Frank Hughson, a former medical missionary to China, gave the church their current property at 374 Loudon Road.  In August of 1954, Dr. Dennis Kinlaw was called the first Pastor of LCC.  He is the father-in-law of Stan Key, Senior Pastor of LCC from 1994-2012.   

In 1955 Loudonville Christian School began as a nursery school in the Sunday School rooms.  Kindergarten through fourth grade were added in 1960.  Since 1968 the school has included fifth through eighth grade and in 1995 the decision was made to establish a high school.


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    LCC Sanctuary from 1959-2002

 Both the church and the school continued to grow under the leadership of Pastor Stan Key.  Thus in 1999 a building committee was formed and charged with carrying out a facility expansion plan to maximize the ministry use of the 374 Loudon Road property.  In June of 2002 the present church sanctuary was completed and first used.  

 After 18 years of fruitful ministry at LCC, Pastor Stan and his wife Katy sensed God calling them to a new chapter of ministry. We have called a new pastor to fill the Senior Pastor position.  The current ministry staff of LCC includes: Senior Pastor: Paul Beck; Associate Pastors: Garth Allen and Jeff Robinson; Directors: Wally Hills, Danielle Hedgepeth, Ken Tyrrell, Joe Lynskey and Kathy Tyrrell.