LC Teens


Up-Coming Activities

4 – Big Game Party 
11 – HS SALT Meeting 
11 – HS W.H.C.P.
21 – Pizza Party &
       Unspoken Concert
20 – Ski Trip to Windham
2-4 – Winter Retreat
9 – MS Small Group Outing
10 – HS Rock Climbing
11 – HS SALT Meeting
17 – HS W.H.C.P.
24 – Volleyball Tournament 
*MS – Grades 7 & 8
*HS – Grades 9-12 
(Needed for any activity off-site)

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Who Should You Contact?

Ethan Appell
(518) 426-0751 ext. 110

Growth Group

Child Care

LC Teens has been experiencing some amazing things this past year! One of these is our growth in numbers. We are excited to announce that we are ready to expand into two separate environments,

Middle School and High School.

Check out the Email Announcement that recently went out to parents!


 As a result of this new ministry expansion we are in need of more volunteers. Would you ask God if this is something you shoul be a part of. Adults with a heart for students spiritual growth is what makes LC Teens such an effective ministry of LCC!



Click HERE to see a video of one of our recent activities!

What is the Purpose of this Ministry?

The mission of LC Teens is to reach and teach students to become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, connecting them to one another and sending them to serve in their families, church, communities and around the world.