Day 350 Ephesians 1-6

Day 350
Ephesians 1-6

In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he made reference to an epistle he also wrote to the Laodiceans while under house arrest in Rome (cf. Colossians 4:16). The New Testament canon does not contain a letter to the Laodiceans


Day 349 Colossians 1-4; Philemon

Day 349
Colossians 1-4, Philemon

While Paul was under house arrest in Rome, old friends were permitted to visit him. Luke and Aristarchus were already with him. Timothy and Tychicus had arrived by 61 A.D. to serve alongside him. Epaphras also came to Rome


Day 348 Acts 27-28

Day 348
Acts 27-28

King Agrippa II and the Roman Procurator Festus handed Paul over to the centurion Julius of the Imperial Cohort to transport the Apostle by ship to Rome. Luke accompanied Paul (his signature “we” in verse 2 is noteworthy)


Day 347 Acts 24-26

Day 347
Acts 24-26

Five days after Paul was confined in Caesarea, Ananais arrived along with several Jewish elders and a lawyer named Tertullus. As he argued the case against Paul before the Procurator, Tertullus flattered Felix and panned


Day 346 Acts 20:4-23:35

Day 346
Acts 20:4-23:35

As it happened, Paul could see the final years of his ministry were before him. He knew his visit to Jerusalem would probably be his last opportunity to express his affection for his kinsmen in Judea and to deliver the contribution he had spent years


Day 345 Romans 14-16

Day 345
Romans 14-16

The believers in the church of Rome were trying to navigate the transition between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant in Christ. As a result, significant tensions developed between Jews and Gentiles, not over doctrinal convictions but disputable matters. As it happened, the


Day 344 Romans 11-13

Day 344
Romans 11-13

As it happened, no nation had been more privileged spiritually, yet more deeply entrenched in unbelief than Israel. As Paul made clear, Israel’s unbelief was not caused by unfairness or unfaithfulness on God’s part (9:1ff)


Day 343 Romans 8-10

Day 343
Romans 8-10

The eighth chapter of Romans is a like a gospel symphony unveiling in a series of cantos all that Jesus Christ accomplished in His death on the cross (J.S. Bach created an entire cantata from it). As it happened, the Apostle’s


Day 342 Romans 4-7

Day 342
Romans 4-7

The grand, melodious tune of the gospel, that sounds too good to be true, is that guilty sinners are justified through faith in Christ alone apart from works. The gift of God’s righteousness to sinners is an amazing offer of


Day 341 Acts 20:1-3, Romans 1-3

Day 341
Acts 20:1-3, Romans 1-3

After Paul dispatched his letter to the Corinthians, he revisited the churches of Macedonia and began preaching the gospel in Illyricum, the mountainous territory that runs along the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.