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Revelation 22

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.30.15 in 5in5

In Revelation 22 an angel assures John that all he has seen and heard is true. In fact, what he has seen needs to be shared with the world for […]


Revelation 21

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.29.15 in 5in5

We have been waiting all year for Revelation 21 and the unveiling of the new earth and the new Jerusalem. Evil has finally been eliminated and the new earth has […]


Revelation 20

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.28.15 in 5in5

Revelation 20 is a fascinating chapter about the millennium, Satan’s final rebellion, and the great white throne judgment. In the end, the big story is that God wins! The dragon […]


Revelation 19

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.25.15 in 5in5

On this Christmas Day as we celebrate the first advent of Christ we read about His triumphant return in Revelation 19. As the multitude in heaven erupts in praise, John […]


Revelation 18

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.24.15 in 5in5

Revelation 18 describes the judgment against Babylon the great and the reason for her destruction. A mighty angel announces the climactic and sudden end to the great city of Babylon, […]


Revelation 17

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.23.15 in 5in5

In Revelation 17 John is amazed while looking at the great prostitute. One of the angels asks him why he is so captivated. The angel then explains the mystery to […]


Revelation 16

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.22.15 in 5in5

Revelation 16 unveils the seven bowl judgments: 1. The first bowl is poured out on those who bear the mark of the Beast so that they now bear painful sores. […]


Revelation 15

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.21.15 in 5in5

Revelation 15 is a summary of what is to come with the saints’ victory over the beast and the completion of the wrath of God. A third and final sign […]


Revelation 14

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.18.15 in 5in5

Revelation 14 has three movements: the new song of the 144,000 on Mt. Zion, the proclamations of three angels, and the reaping of the earth. There is a special song […]


Revelation 13

Posted by Pastor Paul Beck on Dec.17.15 in 5in5

Revelation 13 leaves the reader stunned by John’s sanctified imagination and wondering who or what the two beasts represent and what their horrific powers mean for the world and the […]

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